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Join Us in our Adventures

We are always in the lookout for extraordinary individuals to join our Team! Just make sure you are a student at the University of Patras.

Unleash Your Engineering Skills

Our multiple Teams have goals that require an ever occurring workforce while retaining a certain quality and structure in their output. And when it comes to our competitive team, a person can either break or make the team! So we are always searching for those willing to break the barriers and “problem solve” their way to achieving our targets!

Open Positions

General Position

We are looking for technical talent in a variety of fields, applications and technologies. If you feel like spending your time in a cave dungeon surrounded by robots and like-minded individuals then this is for you! We are currently using various technologies to design, develop and advance our own mobile robots, some because it’s really fun and some because we are serious people!!! (International Competitive Events!)

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If you feel like you are not there yet then you can always follow us on social media and spend countless nights studying to become overqualified for our team and go someplace else.