Robotics Club is a student group established in 2002 by graduate students from the Robotics Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics in the University of Patras, under the scientific guidance and supervision of professor N. Aspragathos. The aim of our club is to enable students from the University of Patras to learn about and get involved with cutting edge technologies such as robotics, automation, programming etc.

Today the club has several members and is located in the department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics. Most of the members are undergraduate students from the Engineering school and particularly the departments of Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Since 2002 we have designed and constructed several medium and small sized mobile robots and robotic manipulators. Our line following robot series “Dromeas” has been distinguished in several international competitions.

Information for new members

If you are interested in joining Robotics Club, you can find us in the space of Robotics Club or at the Robotics Group. You can also contact us by email or from our Facebook page:

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